Durgapuja 2019


"Nächstes jahr werden wir wieder kommen!"

- German tourists in Kolkata

There is no doubt that

Durgapuja is one of the biggest Indian festivals!

Widely celebrated with grandeur in the eastern states of India, Durga Puja culminates as Navratri and Garba-Dandiya in the western states, while northern states have Ramlila. Durga Puja draws audiences from across the country: the five day celebration encompasses a rich variety of cultural programs along the length and breadth of the country besides integrating delicious Indian cuisines, thus bringing forth a myriad of happy faces!

-scripted by Debdeep Sarkar

It is with our greatest pleasure that we cordially welcome you to share this ineffable experience with us!

Venue: Event-Centre Benrath, Bayreuther Str. 31, 40597 Düsseldorf, Germany

Date: 04-10-2019 to 08-10-2019,

Time: 04-10 to 07-10:- 0900 hours to 2100 hours  || On 08-10:- till 1500 hours

DURGA PUJA 2019 was a grand success, thanks to you!

Hope to see you again next year.

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Durgapuja & The Celebration

“Maa Ashchen”, this phrase sends a frisson of excitement pulsing through the soul of a Bengali, drenching our spirit with expectation and excitement, lifting us to a magical space of joy and happiness. That is the power and sway of Durga Puja over our lives. Durga Puja for the expatriates is about celebrating our proud tradition, reconnecting and purveying our culture and custom, reliving our nostalgia, relishing our lip-smacking cuisine, reuniting with friends, defying (albeit briefly) shackles of conformity in our adoptive country and showcasing our beautiful tradition to the world at large.

Our club Indische Gemeinde Düsseldorf has been organizing Durga Puja since the last seven years, and thanks to the overwhelming support and participation by the attendees that cuts across borders and cultures from Bengalis to Indian diaspora to native Germans to other nationalities, it keeps growing and setting new milestones each year! But our Pujo is not about statistics, footfalls, rank, neither are we chasing targets aimed at attaining faux status.

Our Puja is all about togetherness, creating bond, breaking boundaries, crafting magical experience, living intimate moments, touching lives. That is why we always aim to recreate the quintessential Pujo Bari atmosphere of informality, camaraderie, spontaneity, unity and loads of good vibes. We feel we, the organizers are merely the catalysts, the real ingredient of success of the event is crafting an enduring and enchanting experience for the attendees, and that is only possible with the spontaneous collaboration, support, volunteering and participation of all.

In order to make this year’s Puja an even better experience we have rented a bigger venue with more integrated facilities that will provide great setting for “Nirmal Adda”. Bengalis are unabashed foodies, and food in always one main attraction of any festivities: therefore, based on the roaring success of last year, “Anandamela” food festival will be held on Mahasasthi where you will get a chance to sample authentic food from back home prepared by the best amateur chefs amongst us. Being away from home we always lament missing live cultural programs, like in the last years, we will organize a variety of cultural and musical programs to showcase richness and diversity of our culture, since we aim to promote locally available talent especially children, this also will be a chance for them to perform on a big stage showcasing their creativity and skills. We have great plans this year , our team is already working tireless to create a magical experience this time. Let’s join hands to make this Puja an unforgettable event which we will cherish in times to come.

- Written By Sr. Club Member

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